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Becky Ripley is warm, grounded and passionate - traits that also define her art. She is a Midwesterner by upbringing and at heart, and now lives in suburban Maryland. Her instinctive joie-de-vivre was influenced by living and working in New Orleans for over a decade.

Becky Ripley, a long-time student and teacher of creativity through her work as an organizational development consultant, has only recently begun the journey of discovering and nurturing her own artistic talents. She took her first watercolor class in 1998, studying with Fran Larsen in Santa Fe. Becky and six friends return each year to paint with Fran and to soak up the artistic inspiration that is so much a part of New Mexico.

The “Rose Colored Glasses” website is drawn from Becky’s present and past. The acronym of her consulting firm,
Ripley Consulting Group, or RCG, magically morphs into Rose Colored Glasses, for RCG-art.com – to represent Becky's outlook on life. Long ago, a high school teacher accused Becky of responding a little too positively to life: "You look at the world through rose-colored glasses," she chided. That's an accusation that Becky wears proudly to this day, as it speaks to her signature optimism.

Becky's artistic creations are both simple and strong. Her love of color and emotion is evident in her work.

In addition to her watercolor paintings, Becky loves to get lost in "the zone" of card making. As a self-proclaimed card addict, for years she boosted the sales of greeting-card companies. Now, she prefers to make her own. She uses a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolor, rubber stamps, collage and photography.

To learn more about Becky’s professional life, visit
www.innolectinc.com. Becky is a Senior Associate with Innolect, a consulting firm dedicated to achieving organizational excellence by unleashing human potential. Relying on Innolect’s Innovative IntelligenceTM model, associates help leaders and organizations gain deeper understanding, make wiser decisions, develop more creative ways of performing, and act with greater integrity. Through Innolect, Becky Ripley is able to apply her creativity to the world of organizational effectiveness.





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