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Welcome to RCG-art.com (“Rose Colored Glasses”). Our handmade greeting cards are inspired by the wonder of natural places and the amalgam of form, function and beauty found in structures and settings around the world.

We offer a creative way for you to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues through correspondence – a nearly lost form of art and communication. We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to say “just enough” as you inscribe your note alongside one of our special images.

Our art cards incorporate a variety of media. Our love of texture is evident in the quality papers we use, as well as in our embossed, stamped designs. Our delight in color is expressed in the range from the simple and elegant white-on-white to the magical power and vividness of nature’s full palette. Our passion for words is expressed through fitting quotations.

Becky Ripley’s inspiration comes from the pure joy of living fully, loving generously, and learning from the full breadth and depth of her experiences. Her watercolors reflect that energy, expressiveness, and connection. Becky’s passion for color and simplicity guide all of her artistic expressions.

We also offer an entire series of handmade greeting cards that feature the photography of Ted Ringger. Ted’s compositions reflect the stunning essence of nature and architecture. We hope that you will share in his sense of wonder and discovery as you review what he has captured and created through the photographic process.

Thank you for joining us on our journey into the world of beauty, design, and communication with friends and family. Pause, relax, and experience the watercolor paintings, collages, and photography that are the raw materials for our art cards.
Let us hear from you. We are eager to know how you respond to what you find here.





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